Audio Production

"Broken Glass" is written by Ciara Cisneros, a young and talented singer-songwriter in the East Valley.  The tune began as a solo guitar and vocal performance but Ciara and I collaborated to transform the tune in to a full production recording with drums, bass, synthesizers, back up and harmonized vocal parts. Ciara performed all the guitar and vocal parts and I performed the drum and bass parts.  I added synthesizers, mixed and mastered the track.

If you like what you hear on the track and are looking for composition/songwriting lessons and or audio production for any of your songs contact me to set up a free consultation.

Why You Should Learn to Read Music

I have had a number of students tell me that they have been playing guitar, bass or drum set for a number of years but feel stuck with their playing. Usually they have some physical dexterity and competency on their instrument but aren’t sure how to take their playing to the next level. I can…
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Pearl Jam Style Guitar Jam Track

Hey all you Pearl Jam Fans!  I created a guitar jam track in the style of my all time favorite rock band, Pearl Jam.  This one is similar to the jam they do on their tune Porch.  It's in the key of E minor.  Crank the stereo and rock out Mike McCready style on this one!

Funky Bass Lessons

In the Bank is a tune by artist Mingo Fishtrap.  I had the pleasure of playing this tune with the Arizona funk/soul/R&B band Soulective.  Definitely some funky bass lines going on in this one.  Challenging tune to transcribe but well worth it.  If you're interested in bass lessons, feel free to contact me!