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Instructor Matt Friedland is a multi-instrumentalist proficient in guitar, bass guitar and drum set.  Having this unique combination, along with training in arranging, composition and music theory, allows Matt to provide essential insight into how each instrument functions within a group setting.
Professional Guitar Lessons
Matt utilizes a number of resources when conducting his lessons. Excerpts from books, sheet music, handouts as well as practice audio tracks are all provided.  Matt's comfortable teaching studio is equipped with guitar amps, drum sets, audio and recording equipment.

Guitar Lessons Drum Lessons

Lesson topics include technique, sight-reading and rhythm counting, music theory, composition, songwriting, arranging, improvisation, playing in ensembles/bands and recording sessions.

Photograph by Mark ZemnickPhotograph by Mark Zemnick

Performing with students is an integral aspect of Matt's teaching style.  Whether it’s developing technique or jamming on the blues, the best way of learning is by doing.  Staying interested and motivated are critical aspects to progressive musical development. Matt strives to keep his students engaged by customizing lesson plans to suit their ability level and musical preferences.

Lesson Pricing:

Call or email Matt at 602-541-2824 for LESSON PACKAGE deals for individual and group lessons.