Blues Playing  Made Easy...
Are you tired of running through the same minor pentatonic scale for your blues solos?
Take Your Blues Game Up a Notch!
  • Blues  Improvisation   - in Key of B Flat
  • Bass Guitar - Octaves
  • 16th Note Beats  - Up your drum game!
  • Parker Lines F Maj7 - Add more diversity to your sound!
Do you want to learn the unique styles your favorite blues players use?
Blues Improvisation
The amazing blues secret of a pro guitar player
Bass Guitar - Octaves
How to build technique and hand strength while learning one of the most commonly used patterns on the bass.
16th Note Beats
If you can play a simple drum beat, I'll show you how you can modify it to play funk, rock and hip hop grooves.
Parker Lines F Maj 7
Discover how to turn what you already know about the major scale into jazz phrases.  
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Take your soloing ability from just average to much more
interesting and captivating!
Module 1: Blues Improvisation in Key of B Flat
Matt Friedland takes you through key of B Flat using Pentatonic and Mixolydian Scales to add various elements to your blues improv!
Module 2: Bass Guitar - Octaves 
Master your technique playing bass guitar.  Learning octaves can assist you in learning your notes and increasing your abilities as a bass player.
Module 3: 16th Note Beats 
In this lesson, Matt takes you through 16th note patterns for the high hat and the ride cymbal to create simple drum beats.  Master drum techniques using the kick and snare drums.  
Parker Lines F Maj7
Charlie Parker, known for his harmonic ideas using rapid passing chords, altered chords, and chord substitutions in his improv, was one of the most influential jazz soloists and a leading figure in bebop.  In this lesson, Matt takes you through Parker Lines in F maj7.
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What Top Students Think About Our Lessons!
"I went to Matt Friedland for several years for drums. All the lessons were informative and enjoyable. What I liked most was Matt's custom approach to teaching. Every class was based on what I was working on at the time and I was always steered in the right direction whether it was exercises, technique, reading/writing charts, or learning new tunes. And I always learned something new every week. All in all, I would recommend Matt to anyone who would like to learn drums or any other instrument he teaches. I use something every day that came from his instruction."

Matt Solmone - Google Reviews
"Matt has been working with me on a lengthy and difficult project. He has been extremely patient and professional throughout the process. He will work with you until you have achieved the thing you've sought after. Great results, great instructor."

Brandon Bowers  - Google Reviews
"My two sons, 17 and 11, have been taking guitar lessons from Matt for several years. They have not only learned a lot, but they have enjoyed going to lessons. Matt's experience as a musician, his professionalism, personability, and love for all kinds of music, has taught my boys much more than just how to play the guitar. I highly recommend Matt Friedland to anyone wanting to learn an instrument or to improve on their skills."

Stacey Sheehan - Google Reviews
"Matt is an extremely talented teacher. I've been playing guitar since 2011 but decided I needed that extra push and have been doing lessons with him for about 6 months now. His flexible style of teaching fits the individual's needs. He's a really laid back guy but his knowledge on music theory and best practices are unmatched. He's a very detail oriented instructor that knows how to relate to whoever his student might be. I've improved quicker in the last 6 months than previous years of self-taught YouTube lessons. Cannot recommend him enough!"

Matt Evans  - Google Reviews
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