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Rock Guitar Lessons – 5 Famous Riffs

If you’re a beginning guitar player and want to learn some simple but famous rock guitar riffs, this video series is for you. In this 5 part series, I’ll show you 5 famous rock riffs, the scales that are used to create the riffs and how you can practice them to get your fingers moving…
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What’s The Deal With The Modes?

  Modes of the Major Scale PDFDownload You might be curious as to what the modes are. You’ve heard other musicians talking about them. You may have found hundreds of explanations of modes around the Internet. But are you still struggling to understand what modes are and how they work? Don’t worry, you’re not the only…
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Why You Should Learn to Read Music

I have had a number of students tell me that they have been playing guitar, bass or drum set for a number of years but feel stuck with their playing. Usually they have some physical dexterity and competency on their instrument but aren’t sure how to take their playing to the next level. I can…
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Funky Bass Lessons

In the Bank is a tune by artist Mingo Fishtrap.  I had the pleasure of playing this tune with the Arizona funk/soul/R&B band Soulective.  Definitely some funky bass lines going on in this one.  Challenging tune to transcribe but well worth it.  If you're interested in bass lessons, feel free to contact me!
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