Tips for Beginning Guitarists

Tips for Beginning Guitarists 1. Make sure you’re guitar is in tune. -This should go without saying but I’ve encountered students on many occasions that do not tune properly or simply ignore this step before playing. Learning to tune takes time and practice but is well worth it. The more thorough you are at tuning,…
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What is the Benefit To Taking Music Lessons?

I am self-taught, why do I need guitar lessons? Many people claim to be self-taught when it comes to learning guitar. They may have viewed instructional DVDs or YouTube videos, learned songs from guitar tablature websites, studied guitar books or magazines or just tried to learn songs by ear. Learning guitar requires a great deal…
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Performance of Green Tea

Here's a video from my jazz recital at Arizona State University.  We're playing a tune by John Scofield called Green Tea.  Hope you enjoy!
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