Advanced Lessons – Jazz and Improvisation

Solo-gigLooking to expand on your musical creativity?

Interested in learning jazz and improvisational music?

Do you need help preparing for an audition for a school band or university level music program?

Would you like to strengthen your understanding of music theory and composition?

Would you like to participate in performances or jam sessions but feel intimidated?

Would you like to improve your playing to attract highly skilled players to WANT to play with you?

As an experienced jazz musician with extensive formal training, Matt has the answers you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re looking to get into jazz or add new elements to your rock, blues and or funk playing, Matt will elevate your musical proficiency to the next level.

Advanced studies include but are not limited to:

  • Solos using authentic jazz and bebop vernacular
  • how to walk bass lines
  • chord/scale relationships
  • voice leading and guide tones
  • developing great feel and rhythm
  • harmonic concepts in jazz
  • standard jazz repertoire
  • comping and soloing
  • musical phrasing
  • advanced coordination exercises
  • ear training and transcribing

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