Advanced Piano and Collaborative Piano Lessons

Collaborative and Advanced Piano LessonsWhat is a collaborative pianist?

Most people think of a collaborative pianist simply as an accompanist but in fact we are much more than that. A collaborative pianist is a highly skilled artist that enhances the performance of everyone involved.

What skills set a collaborative pianist apart from a solo pianist?

  • Collaborative pianists are typically much stronger sight-readers than solo pianists, allowing them to learn repertoire much more quickly.
  • Because collaborative pianists work with a variety of instrumentalists and vocalists, they are versatile and able to accommodate a wider range of repertoire along with having much better listening skills than solo pianists.

Would you like to collaborate with singers, choirs, strings, woodwind and or brass instruments?

Would you like to strengthen your sight reading skills?

Would you like to add more dynamics, articulations, musicality and artistry to your piano playing?

Do you need help preparing for an audition for a school band or college music program?

Would you like to develop skills that allow you to serve as a pianist for a church or choir?

As a highly trained and experienced collaborative pianist, Sherin Moustafa is committed to helping you take the right steps towards achieving these and any other musical goals you have.

Sherin earned her masters degree in collaborative piano performance from the Arizona State University School of Music and has over 15 years of professional experience ranging from collaborating with church and school choirs to serving music departments at the university level. She has trained many successful pianists and is dedicated to guiding you through every step to reach your musical potential.

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