Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drum Set Lessons

drum-lessons-picHave you always wanted to learn guitar, bass or drum set but don’t know where to start?

Have you tried learning from YouTube videos and find you're getting limited results?

Does your practice time lack structure, hindering your ability to reach your musical goals?

Do you feel like you’re stuck playing the same things over and over again and would like to expand your musical vocabulary?

When you play your instrument for enjoyment, do you find yourself generally becoming frustrated instead of having fun?

guitar-lessons-picWhether you’re a beginner looking to learn your favorite songs or have been jamming out for years and would like to take your playing to the next level, instructor Matt Friedland can help YOU achieve your musical goals.

Matt is a multi-instrumentalist experienced and proficient in guitar, bass guitar and drum set. Having this unique combination, along with extensive training in performance, arranging, composition and music theory allows him to provide comprehensive insight for any musical endeavor. With over 10 years of teaching experience and a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Arizona State University School of Music, Matt’s quality of teaching is on an elite level. He has helped guide several students towards their musical success and is committed to doing the same for you.

guitar-lesson-2Matt utilizes a number of resources when conducting his lessons such as method books, sheet music and audio tracks. Everyone learns differently and has different musical interests. Matt customizes and designs his lesson program for each student’s specific musical interests and goals. Performing and jamming with students during lessons is a major component of Matt’s teaching style and has proved to be highly effective for his student’s musical development. One of the most enjoyable aspects of music is sharing that experience with others. Matt offers that incredible experience to each of his students. From learning songs to improvisation, Matt is dedicated to helping YOU reach your musical goals.

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