Do you have friends or family that are interested in piano lessons and would like to learn as a group?

At Music Lessons Arizona, you can learn piano in an interactive group setting while enjoying the company of friends and family.

Our Piano Lab


Class Piano

Class piano serves as an introduction to the piano and incorporates basic fundamentals of music in a fun interactive group setting.

Students learn the basics of piano technique, music notation, rhythm, develop effective problem solving skills and practice habits, work and perform with others and become familiar with various types of piano music.

Each student is provided a Yamaha digital piano and a pair of headphones to use during the class within Music Lessons Arizona’s piano lab.

Song Writing

MattplayinguitarProgressiveDo you enjoy creating music or writing your own songs? Instructor Matt Friedland offers in depth strategies and techniques to take your compositions to the next level.  Would you like to turn your songs into full arrangements with drums, bass, vocals and other instruments?  Matt can add a full ensemble to your music, record and produce it.  You'll be amazed at how awesome your songs can be.



studio-picWould you like to jam with other like minded musicians? Music Lessons Arizona offers collaborative sessions where students workshop concepts such as rhythm section fundamentals, improvisation and rehearsal strategies.





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