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7505 S. McClintock Dr.  Suite 101
Tempe, AZ 85283
Tuesday - Thursday
Sherin Moustafa, Instructor
8 Seats Per Class
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3:30 - 4:15pm     Ages 4 to 5
4:15 - 5:15pm   Ages 6 to 7
4:00 - 5:00pm     Ages 6 to 7
5:00 -6:00pm     Ages 8 to 11
4:45 -5:45pm     Ages 8 to11
Why Class Piano?
Most people take piano lessons in a 1 on 1 format with the teacher and the student.  Most lessons take place in a home setting where your child may not feel as comfortable.  

While we offer one on one lessons, we find that both children and adults retain more when they are in a class with their piers inside a studio with a low teacher to student ratio.
  • Maximum of 8 students per class.
  • Each student is provided a high quality Yamaha digital piano.
  • Students participate in group activities including performing for one another.
What Are The Benefits To Music Lessons?

Studies have shown that music lessons improve academic skills, help develop physical skills, cultivate social skills, helps with discipline and patience, boosts self-esteem and introduces children to other cultures.  There is evidence that early exposure to piano practice enhances the processing of sounds that extend from not only from music, but also into language.

Other studies have shown that older adults who took lessons at a young age are able to process the sounds of speech faster than those who did not.  Whether you want your children to play piano for fun, for academic reasons, for what ever reason, Class Piano is a fun, interactive way to learn piano. Let us help your child unlock their musical potential!
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